Saturday, 27 February 2016

Hello, my name is Panic.

Hello, my name is Panic. I'm the constant heaviness in your mind that never leaves. The sweat from your palms and the trembling of your fingers. I'm the voice that tells you it'll never be okay. My words of torment stick like glue and can never be unstuck. We sleep together, in a tangled web of lies that I've spun and you feed on my deception, the way you would drink a cold soup. Sometimes you'll feel like I've left you. You will feel a sudden feeling of relief, and take one long breathe. But I always come back, I never really leave. I'm the ball in your throat and the harrowing heat that rushes through your body.  And late at night when you're lying in bed, surrounded by the chaos that I've created, I am the tears that roll down your red cheeks and pain that rises up your chest. When you try to scream I'll stop you, when you try to ignore me I'll make you listen. I bring upon you the unbroken feeling of worthlessness and belief that your world is ending. I am the loneliness that you fear countless times a day and the arms that will hold you down. Hello, my name is Panic.

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