Saturday, 30 January 2016


Black lace up boots, petticoat dress, red lips, dark hair. Amelie was extraordinary in every sense of the word. She clutched her antique fob watch tightly in her pale hand, people gave her strange looks. She looked out of place, but she was here for a reason. Her hazel eyes searched the crowds swarming like bees in the hustling streets of London.                                                                                      

"Tic toc." She whispered to herself."Tic toc." Her pace quickened, she had to make it before it was too late.
Amelie looked up at the sky, the clouds began to darken, big rain drops splattered onto the pavement, time was running out. She ran against the masses. She was running for him, they were running from him. A police car raced past her, loud sirens, flashing lights. Moments later there were screams and gun shots. She was close, but she was out of time. A bank, a wide clearing, a lifeless corpse in the middle of the street. Blood everywhere. Grey eyes, a revolver in his hand. She was too late. Crowds circled around his body, drenched in blood and water. A little tear rolled down her red cheek.
She held her fob watch out in front of her , flat on the palm of her hand.
"Tic toc." She turned the crown of her watch, its hands moving backwards. Amelie looked up at the body that was no longer there. The blood, the sirens, the crowds. All gone.
A young man with choppy caramel hair brushed past her as he made his way to the bank.
"I'm never out of time." She smiled a crooked smile and followed the young man, fob watch clutched tightly in her hand.

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