Friday, 29 January 2016


An old soul born in a new world. Gael lived in the big city. Big lights, big buildings, big people. Gael was not like the others though. All the big things made him feel small. Choppy caramel hair, big grey eyes and sun kissed skin. Gael walked the long streets in his dirty chucks and denim jeans rolled up to the ankle. A long white t-shirt and a black jacket, hood over head. A revolver tucked under the back of his belt. He traipsed to the entrance of one of those big city buildings, the bank. He yanked the gun from under his belt and fired two shots in the air. A barrage of cries and screams. The big people hid under tables, hiding from Gael. Like mice to a cat. Gael smiled a crooked smile. The big people were so small.
"Look at you all!" He laughed strangely, running his long fingers through his thick hair. The big people looked at him with those empty eyes, exchanging glances, their bodies trembling. Sirens screamed down the street. They were here. Gael stepped outside of the big building and faced the guns that pointed his way. Rain began to cascade from the black clouds, droplets trickling down his long eye lashes.                                          
"you're all so small." He whispered. "You always were."
His finger brushes against the trigger and in seconds, Gael lay on the long street, blood puddling around his body. The tall buildings cast shadows over him, the lights burnt his eyes and the last thing he heard were the cheers. The cheers of the big people.

Hello everyone! I hoped you enjoyed this story. Gael's character isn't quite justified in this piece or explained for that matter. But I intend to write an ongoing story based around him and his life before his death. I'll be starting that very soon :)
Thanks for reading!
Blexley's Corner xx


  1. I enjoy the story,I can't wait to read the next one about Gael!!

  2. I enjoy the story,I can't wait to read the next one about Gael!!